Engineer Wireless Networks to Perfection

Tools for designing high-performance wireless networks, from Wi-Fi 6E to 4G, 5G, BLE, Zigbee and more.

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Design Wi-Fi, 5G, IoT at gigabit speeds.

Zero to perfected network design. Pronto, instead of bronto.

Design 5G

You Can’t Spell “Wireless” without “Wire”.

Get a grip of switching and cabling with automatic PoE budgeting, port consumption and cable lengths. Plan for PoE-powered devices such as cameras, desk phones, IoT sensors, door locks, and more.

You Can’t Spell “Wireless” without Wires
Access point brands

“Do you guys suppor...” Yes.

All major enterprise wireless access points. All most common floor plan formats. Windows. MacOS. Linux.

Accurate, No-Hassle Wireless Design.

  • Wall materials, heights, and 3D antenna tilting
  • Detailed 3D antenna modeling
  • Support for Wi-Fi 6E and 4G, 5G, CBRS, Bluetooth (BLE), switching, cabling, and more
Accurate, No-hassle

Creates reports people actually want to read.

  • Automatic, customizable, template-based report generation
  • Automated, bill of material generation with full customizability
  • Dynamic, browser-based reports raise the bar of network reports to a new level

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