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Tools for designing high-performance wireless networks, from Wi-Fi 6E to 4G, 5G, BLE, Zigbee and more.


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Tool for designing Wi-Fi, 5G and IoT at gigabit speeds.

Design better wireless networks. More easily, using your web browser. Pronto, instead of bronto 🦕.
Get started in 2 minutes.
All you need is a web browser and any kind of a floor plan.
Easy to start, based on hard science.
Design wireless for offices, hotels, hospitals, warehouses, outdoor areas, stadiums and more. In 3D. Accurately.
More efficient. More enterprise-grade. Less 1990s.
Faster building modeling. Real-time heatmaps. Immediately generated interactive reports. Free viewer.

Accurate, No-Hassle Wireless Design

Hamina leads the wireless tool industry, both in terms of user experience, and science. Sounds contractictory? Find out for free.​
Support for Wi-Fi, 5G/LTE, ZigBee, BLE, EnOcean and Switching:
Everything for enterprise wireless, in one tool.
Walls and other objects:
Objects attenuate wireless signals. Hamina provides a wide list of completely customizable wall materials and other objects.
Detailed 3D modeling:
Customizable heights of walls and objects, sloped and raised floors, multi-floor prediction, and much more.

“Do you guys suppor...” Yes.

All major enterprise wireless access points. All most common floor plan formats. MacOS. Windows. Linux.

Wireless just entered the third dimension.​

Hamina combines 2D ease of use with true 3D capabilities. No complex CAD drawings required (but they can be used, of course)​
Wireless in 3D, in real time:
Our breakthrough GPU-accelerated 3D view is available in the user interface, and reports.
Real-Time heatmaps:
Combine the 3D view with our real-time heatmaps to see wireless unlike ever before.​
Top it off with…
instant channel optimization and instantly updated capacity calculations. Optimize wireless faster, and more accurately.​.

You Can't Spell ”Wireless” without ”Wire”

Behind every good wireless network is a solid wired network. Hamina quickly helps you map out all your wired networking needs, too: from switching to cabling, from PoE to wired client devices.​
PoE and port budgeting:
Hamina accurately maps out the power needs of your network, based on the access point-specific power draw. It also keeps track of switch port consumption​.
Wired client devices:
Account for locations and cabling/power needs of wired client devices, such as security cameras, desk phones, sensors, displays and more.​
Without any effort, figure out approximate cabling lengths, and “what’s connected where”.​

Creates reports people actually want to read.

Once the design is done, your end customer – or your boss – wants to know what’s been designed. And your installers need to know where to place the equipment. Hamina’s reporting system is highly customizable – and uniquely 3D.​
Interactive reports
allow the user to see the environment and wireless in 3D, click to see per-access points coverage, zoom in, change floors...
Check a live report here.
Automatic, customizable
and template-based report generation.
Automated, bill of material generation
with full customizability.
One-click PDF report creation

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