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Hamina Network Planner

Designing, enhancing or analyzing a Wi-Fi, 5G, or IoT wireless network is now easier than ever with Hamina Network Planner. It's fast and totally cloud-based, making it the ultimate solution for efficiency and user-friendliness, catering to IT network admins and wireless consultants.

Design analyze and troubleshoot wireless networks across various industries, including offices, hotels, hospitals, warehouses, campuses, and stadiums.

Easy to use - for real

Fast, easy, and totally cloud.
Light on its feet
Heatmaps are updated in real-time as you move access points around. Channels are optimized instantly after adding or moving access points.
Solid and easy building modeling
Hamina's building modeling tools, such as wall-drawing, creating attenuating objects, and automatic wall detection make modeling fast and easy.
Runs everywhere

Works completely on a web browser, on any modern operating system (macOS, Windows, and even Linux). For site surveys, there's an app for that, and no internet connection is needed! Check out Hamina Onsite.

Design and troubleshoot in 3D

Wireless is three-dimensional. So is Hamina.
3D View
Instantly switch between 2D and 3D to validate geometry and wow your customers. Instantly visualize wall, object, and AP heights. Stack up floors to create buildings, and see signals bleeding between floors. To model slopes and raised floors, check out Network Planner Plus.
Hard science, easy to use
Hamina uses top-notch wireless science to create 3D signal propagation. Access points and antennas have full 3D antenna pattern models with adjustable height and downtilt for exact signal simulation.
Visualize your live network
How’s your network doing, right now? Visualize network coverage, interference and capacity through beautiful heat mapping, analysis, expansion, and what-if scenarios. Supports the leading cloud-based Wi-Fi networks (Cisco/Meraki, HPE/Aruba, Juniper Mist, Arista) through API integrations.

Beautiful, interactive reporting

Create reports that people actually want to read.
Client View
Accurately simulate client roaming behavior on your network. Move the client around to see how it decides to roam, with accurate simulations for common clients like iPhone, iPad, and Android handsets.
Web-based, interactive reports
Generate reports with the click of a button. Fully browser-based reports enable panning, zooming, clicking on access points, and diving into details (including 3D). Viewers don't even need a Hamina account. And yes, you can download a PDF. :-)
Sharing is caring
Once the design is done, your end customer - your boss - wants to know what's been designed. Also, your installers need to know where to place the equipment. Hamina's reporting system is highly customizable, and uniquely 3D.
"My network planning tool of choice is Hamina Network Planner, hands down.”
Network Architect
Wi-Fi, IoT, and Private Cellular
Wi-Fi 6E, BLE, EnOcean, and Private Cellular (with Network Planner Plus), all in the same design.
Collaboration and Sharing
Instantly share projects with colleagues for viewing and collaboration. Colleagues without a paid account get viewing, notes, and project scoping for free.
Floor Plan Support
Through the roof. CAD (DWG/DXF), PDF, PNG, JPEG, WEBP, .younameit. Automatic wall extraction from vectorized PDF and CAD files.
API Integrations
Auto-commission your network, directly from Hamina. Import designs from your Wi-Fi system to analyze their current config and troubleshoot.
Switching and Cabling
You can't spell "wireless" without "wire". Place switches and IDFs, calculate PoE/port consumption, and cable lengths.
Yes, we have your AP
Hamina Network Planner includes all of the modern APs from all of the vendors. If not, let us know and we'll add it right away.

Level up with Hamina Network Planner Plus

Private Cellular Planning
Supports most common private cellular bands, from 450 MHz to 6 GHz, RSRP, SINR, throughput, capacity, roaming analysis, all on both the uplink and downlink side of the connection.
Sloped and raised floors
Quickly and effortlessly model stadiums, arenas, and auditoriums - all without having to learn complicated 3D modeling software. If you can draw squares on a map, you can model a stadium with Hamina!
Uplink, Downlink, and Worstlink
See the client's perspective of the network (for both Wi-Fi and Private cellular) with uplink heatmaps. In the Client View, see the Uplink, Downlink, and specially with Hamina: Worstlink (the worst of the two)!
Import surveys from NetAlly Link-Live
Have site surveys from your NetAlly AirCheck G2, AirCheck G3, or NxG? Import their survey data, analyze the survey data, and create reports with Hamina Network Planner Plus. Coming soon!

Frequently asked questions

Hamina Network Planner is a web-based Wi-Fi and IoT design tool! Some people call it a "predictive modeling" tool, since you draw walls and buildings to create a model of a wireless network. Predictive modeling tools make network design super fast.
Yes! Hamina Planner Lite is totally free, and includes several sample projects to explore and edit. You can also start a new project, and place up to three access points to design your home wireless network.
Planner Plus adds Private Cellular planning, sloped and raised floors (for complex environments like auditoriums, stadiums, and loading docks), and adds uplink heatmaps. If you want to see a comparison table, check out our pricing page.
If it's a modern browser, then yes! We regularly test it in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, and Edge, but expect it to work in plenty of other browsers, too.
PNG, JPEG, WEBP, PDF, and even CAD files like DXF and DWG are all supported.
All of them. Seriously. We have tons of vendors, and tons of APs. The only exception is some 802.11n (Wi-Fi 5) and older stuff. If you find a relatively modern AP that is missing, let us know and we'll work with the vendor to get it added.
Since it's web-based, you do need an internet connection, but it doesn't need to be very fast. We've used Hamina Network Planner on some pretty terrible internet connections, even trans-Atlantic flights!
You can try out Hamina Planner for free by creating an account and signing in! Hamina Network Planner Lite includes several example projects to explore and edit, and you can create custom designs with up to three access points (perfect for designing Wi-Fi for your home and getting a feel for the tool).
To meet the security requirements of many of our corporate customers, Hamina is split into US and EU regions, which don't communicate with each other in any way. Typically, you'll want to choose the region that is closer to you, or the region that your team is using.
After creating a Hamina account and signing in, you can subscribe right from within the web app using a credit card. If you need something complicated like a quote and purchase order, contact our sales team.

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