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Try out Hamina Planner by exploring and editing sample projects, or design a small Wi-Fi network for your home.
$0 / month
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  • Check out example enterprise Wi-Fi design projects
  • Place up to 3 Wi-Fi access points
  • Draw up to 120 walls
  • Heatmap analysis of coverage, data rate, signal-to-noise ratio and more
  • Client View network experience analysis


Web-based network design, analysis, and reporting for Wi-Fi, BLE, Zigbee, and EnOcean.
$780 / year / user
*billed semi-annually or annually
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  • Design Wi-Fi (including Wi-Fi 6E), Bluetooth, Zigbee, and EnOcean wireless networks
  • Wired design including switches, IDFs, MDFs, and cabling
  • Unlimited access point placement
  • Unlimited building modeling (walls, objects, and multi-floor buildings)
  • Customizable, interactive, 2D and 3D web reporting (and PDF report generation)
  • Wi-Fi capacity planning
  • Workflow integration with leading cloud-based Wi-Fi systems

Planner Plus

Advanced web-based design, analysis and reporting with Private Cellular and advanced 3D modeling.
$1560 / year / user
*billed semi-annually or annually
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  • Includes everything in Hamina Network Planner
  • 4G/LTE and 5G private cellular planning, from 450 MHz to 6 GHz
  • Advanced 3D modeling with raised and sloped floors
  • Capacity planning for private cellular
  • Client view for 4G/5G private cellular networks
  • Uplink heatmaps for Wi-Fi and private cellular
  • Import survey results from NetAlly Link-Live (Coming Soon)


Site surveying and troubleshooting with an iOS, iPadOS, and macOS app subscription.
$780 / year / user
+ $1710 / per device
*billed annually
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  • Survey Wi-Fi in 2.4, 5, and 6 GHz
  • Real-time Wi-Fi troubleshooting
  • Create Hamina projects and upload maps
  • Add notes and pictures to Hamina projects
  • Share projects with other Hamina users

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Hamina's Fair and Square Pricing Model

No hidden fees
We believe in transparency from the start, so Hamina Wireless uses a simple subscription model with low prices and no hidden fees.
No backdating
Need to take a break from your subscription? No problem! Feel free to cancel, and resubscribe at any time with no backdating or extra charges.
Keep your data until you delete it
We don't delete your data if your subscription expires. In fact, we'll keep it around for at least a year, maybe longer!
Transferable licenses every 90 days
Need to move a license to a different user? No problem - easily reassign a license to someone else, starting 90 days after activation.
No pushy sales tactics
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Frequently asked questions

Hamina Network Planner Lite is free, and works great for evaluating Hamina, or as a project viewer if don't have a paid subscription. Hamina Network Planner, Hamina Network Planner Plus, and Hamina Onsite are all subscription products. The Oscium Nomad is a hardware device with a one-time cost, and no subscriptions.
The US instance supports USD, and EU instance supports Euros. Purchase options are credit card or purchase order.
EU customers are requested to provide their VAT numbers, to ensure correct taxation at time of invoicing. Other import duties will depend on the region to which the products are shipped.
All of your data is encrypted at rest and in transit using modern, industry-standard techniques, and third parties regularly audit our services. All payment information and processing happens in Stripe.
Stripe is our payment processor. They handle all of the credit cards, bank accounts, and payments, so we can focus on wireless tools.
You can! Contact our sales team for assistance.
Absolutely. This is by far the easiest way to get Hamina - just create an account, sign in, and use your credit card to subscribe. You can even set the subscription renewals to happen automatically and charge the credit card that you have on file, to make the process easier!
We don't offer purchasing through resellers at this time.
Simple! Just grab one subscription per user. You can keep a pool of licenses available, and share licenses with users for activation as you see fit. You can also release a license from a specific user after it has been activated for 90 days. We've kept our pricing super low to make outfitting your team a "no brainer".
When you create a Hamina account, you'll be prompted to choose an instance. We recommend choosing the instance that you are geographically closer to, or whatever instance the majority of your team is using. Keep in mind that the EU and US instances are totally separate, and you can't move to different instance later.
When your subscription expires, your Hamina account falls back to Hamina Network Planner Lite. You can still view your projects and do some basic things like add notes, but you can't edit them or create reports. Our data retention policy says that we'll hold on to your projects for at least one year (but probably way longer). When you're ready to re-subscribe, there's no backdating or maintenance fees - just pick up where you left off.
"It's easy to get started with Hamina Network Planner, yet it offers a very comprehensive feature set where it matters."
Jonathan Finney, Solutions Architect

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