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You can purchase Hamina Network Planner for 6 or 12 months at a time. The price is for one user.

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Plan Wi-Fi for your home

    • Check out examples of various enterprise Wi-Fi designs
    • Place max. 3 Wi-Fi access points
    • Draw up to 120 walls
    • Heatmap analysis of coverage, data rate, signal to noise ratio...
    • Client View aka "Roaming woman" network experience analysis


$390/ 6 mo. / user

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Design Enterprise Wi-Fi, Wireless IoT and Switching in 2D and 3D

    • Wi-Fi 6E
    • Unlimited access point placement
    • Unlimited building modeling: Walls, objects, floor-to-floor
    • Automatic Wall Drawing from CAD/PDF
    • Customizable, Template-Based 3D Reporting
    • High capacity Wi-Fi planning
    • Workflow integration with leading cloud-based Wi-Fi systems

Planner Plus

$780/ 6 mo. / user

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Adds Private 5G/LTE and Advanced 3D Modeling

    • Supports CBRS and other private cellular freuquencies from 450MHz to 6 GHz
    • Private cellular high capacity planning
    • Client view aka Roaming Woman for Private 5G / LTE
    • Advanced 3D modeling: Sloped and raised floors
    • Uplink heatmaps for Wi-Fi and private cellular
    • Expedited antenna and AP modeling service (Hamina Wireless will add new access points rapidly on request)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for Hamina?

You can pay with a credit card or invoice. All payment processing is done through Stripe to keep things super secure.

Can I try the software before buying?

You can! Just sign up to Hamina, and design your home or a small office without spending a single cent. The free version is limited to three access points and 120 wall segments.

Do I need to install anything?

Nope! Hamina Network Planner is completely web based, so you don't have to install anything. It works great on both Windows and macOS. If you're brave, you can even try to use it in Linux!

I created an account, but can't fully utilize the product!

You can create a Hamina Network Planner account for free for creating a small home or small office network design, but anything more than three access points, 120 wall segments is off-limits before you pay. Also, some other features are unlocked only after paying.

What about viewing Hamina projects? Can that be done free of charge?

Yes! Unlimited free viewing. Also - sales guys and project managers can collaborate in projects with just the free version: They can create projects, upload floorplans, scale maps, scope out coverage areas, and add notes. And, like said: view projects that have been shared with them. Free users just can't do network designs.

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What industry experts think about Hamina

“As a veteran of the Wi-Fi industry, I can emphatically state that design is the most crucial factor in creating high-performance wireless networks. Hamina Wireless helps engineers quickly and accurately design wireless networks, cabling, and switching.”

David Coleman
Office of the CTO at Extreme Networks (CWNE #4)

“My job is to design business-critical wireless networks for the largest and most challenging environments. My network planning tool of choice is Hamina, hands down.”

Dan Jones
Network Architect
Natilik, The UK’s only Cisco Quad Master Partner

“What amazed me the most with Hamina is the first time I used it, it just... worked. The whole process just flowed from the first step to the next, and it all just felt very intuitive. My hats off to the team at Hamina for making a tool that can be used by the most seasoned industry veterans and newcomers alike.”

Jim Palmer
Senior Staff Solutions Architect at Ruckus Networks (Commscope) (CWNE)

“I've worked extensively with Wi-Fi, and increasingly with private cellular networks. Hamina Network Planner has been a breath of fresh air: Very quick to get started, yet offers a very comprehensive feature set where it matters.”

Jonathan Finney
Solutions Architect

“Hamina, det hetaste från Finland sedan Saunan! (Hamina, the hottest thing to come out of Finland, since the sauna)”

Anders Nilsson
Network Consultant (CWAP, CWDP, CWNA)

“You'd like a quote from me? I love the product, so just write something up - you won't be exaggerating.”

Hörður Jóhannsson
Wireless Technical Leader, Sensa

“I extensively work on wired and wireless network related projects from start to finish. This requires dealing with customers, vendors, and internal teams. With Hamina, I can handle multiple phases of the projects, collaborate with customers and vendors. This is simply an incredible product developed by an incredible team.”

Mohammad Ali
Solutions Architect, Imperium Data (CWNE)

“Hamina Planner is the fastest, most responsive wireless design software I've ever used. I'm able to visualize design changes large and small with no wait time. Hamina's built in wired network planning and BOM tools automate reporting that I've had to do by hand for years. Time is saved and mistakes are avoided. In one easy to use product, Hamina lets me design for multiple RF technologies all at once. Reports are consistent and clear regardless of the technology.”

Bryan Ward
Network Engineer

“Hamina is absolutely the easiest-to-use professional Wi-Fi tool I’ve seen. Yet still, Hamina provides important functionality that many other tools don’t. Things like full 3D view, interactive network reports and browser-based user interface with real-time heatmaps. And don’t get me started on the switching, PoE and cabling functionality.”

Mitch Dickey
Lead Communications Engineer, Loudoun County Public Schools

“I’ve been training, designing, troubleshooting Wi-Fi for 20+ years The Hamina team has created a unique product. It combines three key factors: It’s easy to learn. It’s as quick as you are in designing wireless. And it clearly includes seriously scientific engineering to provide high accuracy.”

Peter Mackenzie
Network Architect, Marquest

“When I am tasked with a complex and large-scale project starting from the initial design through to final delivery. Hamina is my preferred tool to work with. Hamina is fast and responsive, even when simulating vast numbers of access points in a complex environment and allows me not only to plan the deployment of multiple wireless technologies but also the supporting wired infrastructure - all within a single tool and single report output. Hamina is easily for me one of the most exciting tools to be introduced to our industry in recent years and I am looking forward to the future as its capabilities and features develop even further.”

Will Jones
Network Architect, Pylon One

“Cloud-native, super simple to setup, smooth and efficient to design with in any browser/device, API integrations for automation, and very easy to understand. Well done, Hamina Wireless!”

Stephen Cooper
Technical Lead, Juniper Networks AI-Driven Enterprise

“As a ‘full-stack IT guy’ with sites varying from office buildings to warehouses to supermarkets, I have limited time for wireless networking. With Hamina, I was full speed designing wireless after literally 5 minutes - and the networks have all turned out great.”

Tuomas Arvo
IT Lead, Wolt

“Hamina is just perfect for creating designs which customers understand and can explore through the online reports. From shopping malls to outdoor venues, its happy and engaged customers all round.”

Ben Toner
Founder, Numerous Networks

“The introduction of sloped/raised floor calculations has revolutionized our network planning. This significant enhancement has enabled us to more accurately determine appropriate antenna down tilts and effectively address the issue of crowd attenuation in our most complex arenas.”

Chris O Donnell
Global Systems Architect, Cisco

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Hamina Wireless. Our collaboration brings together our collective wireless knowledge and vision in a powerful way. Hamina's scientific method for designing wireless networks is the perfect complement to our commitment of providing customers with fast, stable, and robust Wi-Fi solutions. It’s a win-win for the customer.”

Bryan Slayman
Product Line Manager, Engenius Technologies

“Hamina rocks. Well, to be honest I’ve never been to the city of Hamina. But the Hamina wireless product, and the folks behind it, aren’t too bad.”

Dobias van Ingen

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