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Hamina Training

Hamina Wireless uses MQ Training Services, an industry-trusted, vendor-neutral training organization with years of Wi-Fi design and troubleshooting experience. They offer two (soon to be three) excellent paid training courses to choose from, depending on your needs.

Looking for Hamina documentation, and simple how-to videos? Check out our knowledgebase.

Hamina Planning Specialist

Already a network design pro, but just want to learn Hamina Network Planner? The one-day Hamina Planning Specialist course is what you need.
Transition to Hamina with ease
MQ Training services has years of experience with all of the industry-leading network design tools, so they know where you're coming from.
Make the most of Hamina Network Planner
Learn all of the tips and tricks to design quickly and efficiently.

Hamina Network Architect

Want to learn all about how to design great Wi-Fi? Then this multi-day, comprehensive design and certification course is for you.
More than just design
This course dives deep into how Wi-Fi works, so you can gain a complete understanding of what makes a great network design.
Zero bias, years of experience
MQ Training Services employees aren't employed by Hamina Wireless, so you get their expertise and experience without any sales BS. 🐮
This isn't a class about using Hamina
It's a class about creating amazing network designs. It just happens to use Hamina. 😊

Hamina Survey Specialist

(Coming Soon)

Already a site survey pro, but just want to learn Hamina Onsite? The one-day Hamina Survey Specialist course is what you need.
Transition to Hamina Onsite with ease
MQ Training Services has years of site survey and analysis experience with all of the industry-leading site survey tools, so they've walked in your shoes. Seriously, they've walked so much.
Get the best mileage
Learn all of the trips and tricks to site surveying with Hamina Onsite, so you can get the job done faster and more efficiently.

Book Hamina Training

For additional information, or to book a Hamina class with MQ Training Services, visit their website.
  • Peter MacKenzie

    Peter Mackenzie, CWNE #120

    MQ Training Services
    Peter Mackenzie (President of the WLAN Association) is an internationally recognised expert in Wi-Fi and co-author of the CWAP study guide published by Wiley.