Hamina Wireless Privacy Notice

Our goal is to help people design better wireless networks, and our website and the Hamina Wireless Planner is used by humans. This means we process some data about all of our website visitors and users when providing the service. This notice describes how and why we process personal data as a controller for our own purposes. Please note that much of the processing regarding the Hamina Network Planner service is done on behalf of our customers as a processor – for this processing, our customers are the controllers.

For the processing done for our own purposes, the controller is Hamina Wireless Ltd, a Finnish company operating with the business ID 3203847-6. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at hello@hamina.com!

Why are we processing personal data?

Customers and users of the Hamina Network Planner

We process personal data of the users of our services and the contact persons of our customers generally for the following purposes:

  • Managing customer relationships
  • Carrying out our contractual obligations
  • Managing the licenses and user rights to the service
  • Ensuring the security, availability and functioning of the service
  • Processing and managing payments
  • Gathering feedback and usage data from our users and developing the service

The processing is primarily based on our legitimate interest to provide and develop the service, to ensure its security and functioning, and to manage our customer relationships. Some of the processing (e.g. regarding payment data) is based on our legal obligations.

Website visitors

We process personal data of visitors of our website for the following purposes:

  • Website analytics
  • Ensuring the security, availability and functioning of our website

The processing for the purposes of website analytics is based on your consent. The processing regarding the security, availability and functioning of our website is based on our legitimate interest to ensure our website works as intended and to prevent any malicious traffic.

What personal data is processed and where we get it from?

The data generally comes either directly from the user, their employer or is generated through the use of the service or our website. The personal data we process for our own purposes can be categorized as follows:

  • User data (such as account details, contact details, organization details, license and payment data)
  • Device data and measurement data (such as wireless network data and location data provided by the user through their device)
  • Usage data (such as log data and statistical data about the use and status of the services)
  • Feedback and support data
  • Website analytics data (such as information about duration of the visit and the visited pages)

Please note that some categories of personal data only apply to some users and the amount and content of data depends on how you use our services.

Where does the data end up?

We use service providers to run and develop our services, and those companies process personal data on our behalf. Such companies include for example the backend technology service provider, payment processor and our website service provider. Some of these companies also process the data as controllers: for example our payment processor Stripe has specific legal obligations for which they process data about payments. We seek to limit the processing of personal data to the EU whenever possible, but some of our service providers operate globally and may also process data outside the EU. In these cases, the processing takes place under the standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission and additional safeguards implemented by the service provider. 

We offer our customers the possibility to choose the region from which the Hamina Network Planner is provided when signing up: currently from the EU (Germany) or from the United States. If the customer has chosen the United States as the region, personal data about the user accounts and the usage of the service is processed in the United States under the standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission and additional safeguards implemented by the service provider. No data is transferred between the regions.

How long is the data stored?

In general, we store personal data of our users for as long as they have a valid license and user account for the service. Unless users remove their data themselves, the data is stored for a period of approximately one year after the license has expired to allow for example for a seamless reactivation of an account and to prevent accidental loss of data. Payment data is stored according to our legal obligations.


Hamina Wireless Website

With your consent, we use cookies on the Hamina Wireless website for the purposes of website analytics. These cookies are used to for example provide us with statistical information about how users use our site and to differentiate between users and. The cookies do not include any directly identifying data. The storage time of the cookies varies between 30 minutes and 6 months. In addition, we use cookies through are service provider to detect and prevent malicious traffic on our website.

Hamina Wireless Planner

Hamina Wireless Planner is used through a web browser, and we use cookies for session management and some functionalities of the service. In other words, when you log in to Hamina Wireless Planner, we use cookies to ensure you stay logged in when using the service and to ensure the service works as intended. These cookies are required for the functioning of the service. They are stored for as long as you are logged in and there is a valid user session. These cookies are removed when you log out.

Your rights

As it’s your data we’re handling, you have power over the use of your data. You have the right to access your data and the right to have any inaccurate or false data rectified (we’d also like the data to be correct and up to date!). You also have the right to ask that your data is deleted, that the processing of your data is restricted, and to object to the processing. You have the option of withdrawing your consent at any time as regards the processing that is based on your consent. You may view and control your data in the Planner, and for any additional requests, you can contact us at hello@hamina.com.

If you have any issues regarding the processing of your data, we encourage you to contact us. You also have the right to contact the supervisory authority. In Finland, that means the Data Protection Ombudsman’s Office (https://www.tietosuoja.fi/en).

Providing some of the personal data is mandatory for the use of our services. We’re not using personal data for profiling users or making automated decisions with significant effects for humans as meant in Article 22 of the General Data Protection Regulation.

If you decline the use of cookies for analytics, we only store a single cookie to save your choice to decline the use of other cookies.


Hamina Wireless Oy

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