Order your Hamina Onsite + Oscium Nomad bundle now

We are excited that you are ready to add Hamina Onsite and the Oscium Nomad to your toolkit to enable site surveys. These products are now available for purchase, and we are taking orders.


The Hamina Onsite + Oscium Nomad bundle combines the Nomad device with a one-year subscription for the Onsite App.


Priced at $2,490 or €2,490, the bundle provides the Oscium Nomad survey device and a full year of access to Hamina Onsite. Starting from the second year, the annual subscription renewal cost for Hamina Onsite is $780 or €780.


Click here for more information on Hamina Onsite.

How to order: 

  1. Fill out the purchase form below and let us know how many units you want to purchase
  2. We’ll send you a quote within a few working days (you’ll have 14 days to accept)
  3. Accept the quote via email confirmation to sales@hamina.com
  4. Receive your order via FedEx! If you order your unit today, we expect it to ship within 2-3 weeks. *Note: customers in the UK may expect shipping to take up to 4 weeks due to current customs processing times.

If you have questions or need support placing your order, please reach out to sales@hamina.com, we are always happy to chat.

Frequently asked questions

Hamina Onsite is a subscription service from Hamina Wireless that enables site surveys and troubleshooting with the Hamina Onsite app. *RH: mention here that it works with Nomad hardware?
The Oscium Nomad is a specialized Wi-Fi measurement device by our friends at Oscium. Learn more about it on the Hamina Onsite product page.
Hamina Onsite works on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Silicon MacBooks.
Nope! Hamina Onsite works great in offline mode, so you can survey if there's no cellular service or Wi-Fi (which is probably why you're surveying).
Nope! If all you need to do is site surveys and a bit of analysis, all you need is a Hamina Onsite subscription.
Oscium provides a 1-year warranty for the Oscium Nomad.
The Hamina Onsite + Oscium Nomad bundle can be purchased via our website using a credit card, or you may request a quote if you intend to purchase using a Purchase Order. Please be sure to provide the correct shipping address for the Oscim Nomad, to ensure prompt delivery!
Not right now, they're currently sold as a bundle.
If you just want to do survey analysis and reporting, all you need is a Hamina Network Planner or Planner Plus subscription. You only need Hamina Onsite if you're performing surveys and live troubleshooting.