The industry’s fastest to use wireless design tool.

Hard core wireless. Easy to learn.

The modern, user-friendly interface makes you feel right at home. Yet it’s the fastest wireless tool in the industry. In one sentence: It’s where rock-hard science meets fun and flexibility.
Get started in minutes.
Sign up to Hamina on your browser, drop in a floor plan (photo/image, PDF or CAD file) and you’re off to the races in a minute. Watch a tutorial and the journey towards Wi-Fi design mastery has begun.
Light on its feet.
Heatmaps are updated in real-time as you move access points around. Channels are optimized instantly after adding or moving access points.
Solid and easy building modeling.
Hamina’s building modeling tools, such as wall-drawing, automatic wall detection and sloped/raised floors are known as the fastest to use – and learn.
Design, analyze, optimize.

Analysis, without the paralysis.

Wi-Fi is complicated. Tools should be simple. Hamina Planner provides detailed and comprehensive analysis of your wireless network – without additional complexity created by the tool itself.
Ensure coverage, minimize interference, maximize capacity.
Visualize for coverage, SNR, interference, connection speed and more.
Run at full capacity.
Maximize network capacity and find bottlenecks in high density areas.
Did we mention real-time updating heatmaps?
Instantly see the heatmaps after placing or moving an AP. Long loading times are a thing of the past.
State-of-the-art 3D modeling.

Wireless is truly three-dimensional. 
So is Hamina.

From office spaces to complex stadiums, factories and warehouses, Hamina is the only tool that combines free-form 3D user experience with ultra-fast and easy-to-use building and network modeling tools.
3D view.
Experience wireless network design in 3D. Adjust camera angles freely. See wall and AP heights, slopes, raised floors… All in 3D.
3D science.
Top-notch network planning science, thanks to 3D signal propagation, 3D antenna modeling, and antenna uptilt / downtilt settings.
Multi-floor signal prediction.
See signals bleeding thru from floors above and below.
Networking is a lot more than just Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi, Private 5G / LTE, IoT & Switching.

Enterprise wireless is more than just Wi-Fi. It’s various wireless techonologies, switching and cabling. You’ll be prepped for today, and the future.
All Wi-Fi supported.
Wi-Fi 6E, including the new 6 gigahertz spectrum, is fully supported. So are older Wi-Fi standards. And soon, Wi-Fi 7.
Private 5G and LTE.
Design coverage, overlap, capacity, throughput roaming and other metrics for private cellular.
IoT: BLE, ZigBee, EnOcean.
Whether you’re designing electronic shelf labels using ZigBee, or location tracking systems (RTLS) using BLE – Hamina’s got you covered.
Advanced wireless configuration – and then some.

Knobs for wireless nerds.

Are you a holder of certificates such as CWNE (Certified Wireless Networking Expert), or OFLA (Other Four-Letter Acronym)? Good news – your favorite nerd knobs are here. New to wireless design? Good news - the most complex bells & whistles are hidden by default.
Wi-Fi stuff.
Wi-Fi 6E. Variable channel widths. Automatic, instant channel planning. Auto-2.4 GHz disable. Dual-5 GHz. Hundreds and hundreds of APs/antennas...
Private 5G and LTE stuff.
Supports most common private cellular bands, from 450 MHz to 6 GHz. RSRP, SINR, throughput, capacity, roaming analysis, uplink/downlink.
IoT: BLE, ZigBee, EnOcean stuff.
AP-integrated BLE / Zigbee. BLE beacons. BLE / ZigBee gateways. EnOcean gateways and USB dongles. All ZigBee frequencies...
Hotels, universities, factories, warehouses, stadiums, outdoor, hospitals

Design wireless for any environment.

Anything from single-floor carpeted space designs to warehouses to stadiums to outdoor – Hamina’s got you covered.
Super-quick indoor modeling:
Automated wall detection from CAD and vectorized PDF documents. Industry’s manual best wall drawing tools, and fastest multi-floor setup.
Complex environments made simple:
Quickly model warehouses, factories, even stadiums. Supports heights of walls, shelves, machines and other objects, as well as raised and sloped floors.
Quickly model limited outdoor areas such as campus networks, marinas and airport outdoor areas.
Switching, PoE and cabling:

Switching, PoE and cabling:
You can’t spell ”wireless” without “wire”.

Ironic or not, an essential part of wireless networking is the wired network. For one, Power over Ethernet (PoE) is exponentially important to consider in Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7. Hamina puts the “wire” in ”wireless”.
Automatic calculation of ports, PoE budget, and cabling.
Simply place a switch on the floor plan, and see the magic happen.
Security cameras, desk phones, and other wired clients.
Other devices besides wireless radios connect to switches, too. All this is accounted for on the map, in BoM, in port consumption, PoE, in reports.
One-click switching reports.
One click gives you a run-down of all switches, the connected devices, approximate cabling need, PoE and port budget.
Network user experiece analysis.

Say hello to Roaming Man.

How will the network work using an iPhone? Or a Macbook? Or an Android phone? Or…
Accurately simulate a wireless client.
Move a network user around the designed network to understand network behavior.
Different client, different behavior.
We’ve modeled many of the most common wireless client devices. iPhone. Android phone. Macbook. Etc.
All the nerdy stuff.
Roaming areas / client stickiness. Modulation. Signal strength. Data rate. Etc.
Also available in customer reports.
Allow the report reader to ”take a tour” of the network himself.
Generate network reports that don’t put people to sleep.

Reports that people want to read 
–or should we say “experience”.

Hamina Network Planner automatically generates reports that – for the first time in history - are a delight to experience. Interactive, 3D, browser-based reports allow panning, zooming, clicking on access points, and diving into details. 
And yes, PDF reports are automatically generated, too.
Interactice, browser-based reports.
Click of a button generates report. Another click sends a web link to reader. The report reader can dive into your wireless network design, zoom, select access points, even view the design in 3D!
Network experience report.
Walk through the site with the “Roaming Man” digital twin.
The good stuff:
Configurable reports. Report templates to minimize manual work. PDF output option. Switching & cabling report. Check a live report here.
Complex buildings. Easy modeling.

Nothing like seeing wireless in 3D, 
updating in real-time.

Hamina is not only significantly faster and easier to use than the competing tools with 2D visibility – it provides three-dimensional views, with 2D ease of modeling.
Best of both worlds:
Use a simple 2D user interface to get started. Flip to 3D to validate & finalize. Design wireless in 2D, 3D or both.
3D network design.
Supports customizable wall materials and objects, access point height, antenna alignment, antenna uptilt / downtilt, heights of walls and objects. Under the hood, calculates 3D signal propagation and uses 3D antenna patterns.
3D modeling:
Advanced 3D modeling, such as sloped floors and raised floors, allows designing complex warehouses and factories, stadiums, auditoriums, open pit mines, and more complex outdoor environments.
Deploy sites automatically. Pull data from wireless systems for RF analysis.

Workflow automation through API integration.

Using the rich APIs of leading wireless networking vendor partners such as Cisco, Aruba, Juniper, Extreme and Arista, Hamina is on a path to automate the time-consuming repetitive tasks in the wireless network life cycle:
Automatically deploy sites:
Design wireless in Hamina. Create the site, and deploy it with the click of a button. Hamina commissions APs to the site from inventory, pushes the floor plans and AP locations, etc.
Import site for RF analysis.
Import an existing site, in its current running configuration, to Hamina for RF analysis. See how the current running channels and Tx powers are working out.
Map out the access points:
Which exact access point should go where? Import your access point inventory to Hamina, and then match the real-world access points with your planned ones. Then, deploy the site.

Why Hamina?

The nicest folks, creating actually new stuff.

At Hamina, our rear-view mirrors have been shattered, but the visibility forward is clear and sharp.

Groundbreaking pricing

Full version starts at $390 with no hidden fees. No penalty for coming back after ending your subscription. We also don't pour sugar in your gas tank.

Not a "Bolt-On Cloud"

Hamina is Cloud-first from the get-go, but also works great over bad connections. And it's faster than any desktop tool.

"The Roaming Woman"

Hamina's Client View [aka Roaming Woman] feature is an example of our innovation: Explore the network plan as if you're the actual user on your iPhone. Or Android phone. Or Macbook. Or...

Automation through integration

Another industry first: Network designs can be automatically deployed into wireless systems with a click of a button from Hamina. New sites are created and started from Hamina, without going to the vendor dashboard!

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Walrus, Hamina Wireless

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